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Welcome to the Amelia Template!
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Logging into Wordpress & Navigating the Backend
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How to Add Custom Web Fonts
Editing Global Styles
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Editing your Navigation Bar
Customizing Your Intro Header
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Updating the Services Section
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Editing Services Pop-Ups
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Editing the Testimonial Carousel
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Tweaking the Logo Banner
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Personalizing the About Section + Contact Pop-Up
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Customizing the Photo Gallery
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Editing the Contact Section
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Customizing the Freebie Banner
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Activating your Instagram Feed + Updating Footer Conten
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Customizing the Coming Soon Page
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Activating & Deactivating your Coming Soon page
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Updating your Site Name and Admin Email
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Accessing Form Submissions
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Basic SEO Updates and Tips
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Setting up Google Site Kit
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Creating Backups + Cleaning the Media Gallery

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enhanced setup

This option is ideal if you’re looking to take care of the creative aspects at your own pace, while leaving the technical setup to a pro.

Designed for entrepreneurs who want a blend of professional support and personal involvement.

With the Enhanced Install, I'll take care of installing your chosen template on your WordPress site and personalizing it with your brand's fonts and colors.

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Customization of colours, fonts & logo
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This option is ideal if you want a professionally customized website without the time investment of doing it yourself.

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Here, I take the reins. Once you select your favorite theme, I'll work closely with you to tailor it to your brand's unique style and requirements.

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Template Install
Customization of colours, fonts & logo
Update with your content and photos
Contact form tweaked with your unique fields
Testing on desktop and mobile devices before launch
1 Year of Breakdance Pro
payment plan available