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Domain Registration

Worried or overwhelmed by setting up your domain name yourself? Let me take care of all the tech stuff for you!

Effortless Domain Registration - Just for You!

Hey there, brilliant entrepreneur! 🌟 Are you ready to plant your flag in the digital world with your very own website? Let's make it a breeze with our domain registration service. For just $49 plus HST, you'll have your dream domain without the headaches.

Your domain is a vital part of your brand's identity. Registering it under your name means you have full control over it – now and in the future.

Relying on friends, family, or other companies to register your domain can lead to complications. What if relationships change or their circumstances shift? Keep the keys to your online kingdom firmly in your hands.

A domain in your name reflects your business's independence and professionalism. It’s an asset that you should own, not borrow.

So let me take care of all the tech jargon while registering your most important digital business asset correctly from day one! 

What's Included

$49 + HST 

Let's set up your domain properly from day one! My Domain Registration package includes:

setup and programming

I'll register and setup as many domains as you need at one time and take care of forwarding sub-domains to your main domain of choice.

Personalized Service

I'll use your billing info to register the domain entirely in your name. Your info is collected via a secure and confidential online form.

Hassle-Free Setup

No complicated steps or tech jargon. I've got it all covered!

Your Keys to the Kingdom

Once done, I'll send you all the login details. It's all yours, fully controlled by you!

Ready to Call Online Home?

Let's secure that perfect domain name and set the stage for your business's success story.
domain registration
$ 49
  • Registration, setup and forwarding of any domains you need
  • Full walkthrough video of your domain registrar account
  • Full administrative control and ownership of your account
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NOTE: The cost to register any domains is your responsibility and I will use your billing info to set up payment on your behalf. Payment of domains is typically done on an annual basis.

get it done right from day one

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A web design and tech consultant for women business owners. I specialize in creating stunning tailor-made Showit & WordPress websites, personalized tech consultations and full-service tech setups to help you focus on growing your business.

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$399 CAD

enhanced setup

This option is ideal if you’re looking to take care of the creative aspects at your own pace, while leaving the technical setup to a pro.

Designed for entrepreneurs who want a blend of professional support and personal involvement.

With the Enhanced Install, I'll take care of installing your chosen template on your WordPress site and personalizing it with your brand's fonts and colors.

This sets a solid and stylish foundation for your website. From there, you'll have the freedom to update content and photos as you see fit.
Template Install on your Wordpress site
Customization of colours, fonts & logo
Access to full video tutorial library
1 Year of Breakdance Pro

$1299 CAD

signature setup

This option is ideal if you want a professionally customized website without the time investment of doing it yourself.

If you're all about focusing on your business and leaving the technical details to a pro, then the Signature Setup is your go-to choice.

Here, I take the reins. Once you select your favorite theme, I'll work closely with you to tailor it to your brand's unique style and requirements.

From color schemes to layout adjustments, I ensure every detail aligns seamlessly with your vision.
Template Install
Customization of colours, fonts & logo
Update with your content and photos
Contact form tweaked with your unique fields
Testing on desktop and mobile devices before launch
1 Year of Breakdance Pro
payment plan available