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WordPress vs. Squarespace for Small Business Owners

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Debating whether wordpress vs. squarespace is the best website development platform for your business is one of the most frequent questions I get from potential new clients. There are plenty of page builders and website platforms out there, but WordPressand Squarespace are the most popular and vastly different platforms that my clients debate between.

In a nutshell, Squarespace is the perfect option if you’re looking to DIY your own website, while WordPress is the best choice when you’re ready to hire professional help and have your website play more of a crucial role in your business.

Ultimately, both platforms have their pros and cons and your decision will be based on what you need your website to do for your business.

Let’s take a look at the benefits and downfalls of each platform so you can make the most informed decision for your business.

How are WordPress and Squarespace different?

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Both WordPress and Squarespace are popular website development platforms, and the best one for you will depend on your needs.

WordPress is an open-source platform that provides a great deal of flexibility and customization options, while Squarespace is a more streamlined platform that is easy to use and offers many attractive design templates.

Consider your budget, the complexity of your website, and the level of support you need when making your decision. Ultimately, the best platform for you is the one that will help you build the website you need.

How much do WordPress and Squarespace cost?

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Their pricing models vary. WordPress is free to use and download but you will need to purchase hosting and a domain name. I personally recommend Siteground for the best hosting service and Namecheap Domains, all of which you can secure for well under $100 CAD a year.

Squarespace has a monthly subscription fee which starts from $12/month and includes hosting and a domain name.


WordPress is an open-source platform which means you own and control all aspects of your website at all times. 

Because Squarespace locks down access to much of it’s backend experience and does not allow you to backup your website, and due to the fact that it charges a monthly subscription fee, you’re ultimately renting/leasing your website from a 3rd party company.

Is WordPress or Squarespace better for ecommerce?

Both WordPress and Squarespace offer great ecommerce solutions, so it really comes down to what kind of store you need to set up and what features you’d like to include.

WordPress is an open-source platform and has a free ecommerce add-on called Woocommerce

Websites designed with Woocommerce give you more flexibility with customizing options that allow you to tailor your store to meet your specific requirements. From customizing the look and feel of your store with themes and plugins, to setting up payment gateways and shipping rules, Woocommerce provides a “sky’s the limit” type of experience which may be crucial for businesses with advanced needs.

On the other hand, Squarespace is great for businesses who need a simple and straightforward store setup, with easy drag-and-drop features and plenty of options for customization.

Squarespace offers a range of pricing plans for ecommerce, starting at $26 per month for the basic plan. This plan includes unlimited products, access to the ecommerce dashboard, and a secure checkout.

Additionally, you can add features such as abandoned cart recovery, product reviews, and real-time shipping rates for an additional cost.

WordPress vs. Squarespace: what’s the best for my business’s website?

While I may be biased as a custom WordPress web designer, WordPress is a great choice for website creation thanks to its flexibility and ease of use. It is an open-source platform, meaning that anyone can freely access and modify the code.

This allows for greater control over the design and customization of your website. WordPress also has more features and plugins available than other website builders, allowing for more detailed and complex designs.

Additionally, WordPress is more cost-effective than Squarespace since there are no monthly fees and the benefit of owning all aspects of your website vs. renting it from a 3rd party can be a very important decision factor for some business owners. 

Ultimately the decision will come down to your business’s needs, your budget. 

What platform do you think works best for your online business? Comment below and let me know your thoughts on this highly debated topic!

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